Verger Denis Charbonneau playground and farm

Verger Denis Charbonneau Apple picking

Verger Denis Charbonneau is located on the foothills of Mont Saint-Grégoire. This large orchard with 28,000 apple trees offers 15 apple varieties. A visit to this well-organized orchard is ideal for families, with a wide selection of activities; 3 play areas, two mini-farms, a tractor ride and more.

Other fruit pickings by month: strawberries (June), raspberries and blueberries (July), plums (August-September), pears (September – October), pumpkins (September 15 – October 31).

Why we loved this orchard?

At first, we were a bit worried when we saw the number of cars in the parking lot. However, this orchard is huge. The fields are so large, you almost feel alone when enjoying the apple picking. There are not one, not two, but three kids playgrounds, two mini-farms, picnic tables, a restaurant specialized in making crepes (crêperie), a cider shop, a store and a stand selling donuts. Nothing can go wrong with this selection!

How to get there?

Address: 575, Rang de la Montagne, Mont-Saint-Grégoire

Region: Monteregie

Drive: South-East for about 45 minutes from downtown Montreal

Parking: free

Picking hours: During picking season, picking fields are open from 8am to 6pm – Check online for exact dates.

Creperie: Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm, open during the week in September and October.

Store: Open all year, daily from 8am – 7pm

Picnic table: Yes, available throughout the orchard.

Suitable for a baby stroller

Verger Denis Charbonneau – English

The parking area is located in front of the main store.

Verger Denis Charbonneau

You will need to buy a sack for the apple picking activity from this store before heading to the field. There are two bag sizes: small or large.

Verger Denis Charbonneau reception and shop

A relaxing area near the shop and nearby the donut stand:

Verger Denis Charbonneau resting area

The tractor ride starts just behind the store (don’t forget your apple bag/s from the store). The tractor is touring around the orchard and you will see all locations of the three playgrounds. It will then stop near a newly built building (and a blue and pink playground). The driver will indicate you which apple varieties are available and where to find them.

Verger Denis Charbonneau tractor rideVerger Denis Charbonneau apples orchardVerger Denis Charbonneau apples orchardVerger Denis Charbonneau playgroundVerger Denis Charbonneau playground

If you want a ride back to the entrance, a tractor will pick you up at the same dropping point, or you can enjoy walking around the orchard and visiting the other playgrounds.

This playground is located at the entrance, just behind the main store, near the tractor ride.

Verger Denis Charbonneau playground and farmVerger Denis Charbonneau playground and farm

The mini-farm:

Verger Denis Charbonneau playground and farmVerger Denis Charbonneau playground and farmIMG_3707

The third playground and mini-farm are located near the Arbraska (zip lines, suspension bridges, climbing nets). Check their website for prices and details. There is also a restaurant and a sugar shack.

Verger Denis Charbonneau playground near ArbraskaVerger Denis Charbonneau playground near Arbraska

Going back to the main entrance, the cidrerie offers cider tasting and an additional relaxing area.

Verger Denis Charbonneau CidrerieVerger Denis Charbonneau CidrerieVerger Denis Charbonneau

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