My name is Sharon. My family and I have recently moved to Montreal from Switzerland where we have spent the last few years. I am originally from Israel, I lived in London (UK) for six years and I met my husband there. I learned to like and enjoy hiking, nature and exploring the world with my husband. We started little by little, in the UK by visiting parks with mansions and castles on the weekends with my then 1 year old. Once we moved to Switzerland, we came to appreciate the amazing country and beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps. Our hiking style is easy, nothing too complicated as we try to make it feasible for our two young girls to do and achieve.

Finding information online where to go on the weekends, day trip or holidays can be complicated. So much information is available, and sometimes it is not relevant for young families. This blog is about family-friendly activities in real perspective from our eyes and from our kids’ experience. I take you step-by-step where and how to go so it will be easier for you. We are based in Montreal therefore our day trips will usually start from this point of reference. We explore the wonderful province of Quebec and surrounding area. I hope you will like it.

To get in touch, please drop me an email to: quebecfamilyhikes@gmail.com

Entry fees, opening days, certain activities mentioned on the website can change. Prices mentioned usually do not include local tax. All information provided on quebecfamilyhikes.ca is based on the experience of the blog owner and changes might have happened since the owner visited a location. Under no circumstances does the owner of the blog assume any liability for incorrect, out of date or misleading information. This blog is for recreational purposes only and no liability for the owner of this blog can be accepted. Readers of this blog are using the information provided at their own risk. The owner of this blog reserves the right to change the focus of the blog, to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms at their own discretion.