Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum

Musée de la Nature et des Sciences à Sherbrooke (MNS2) is a small museum at the heart of Sherbrooke City in Estrie. We visited the museum on a rainy day and the kids enjoyed and learned about wildlife and geology in a fun way. During our visit, there were two main attractions, the AlterAnima exhibition, and the Terra Mutantès multimedia show, both interactive. 

Yamaska National Park

Located in the Eastern Townships nearby Granby, Yamaska National Park is wonderful for families. Surrounded by hills, this man-made Choiniere Reservoir is ideal for family hiking, water activities, and biking. On a sunny day, we decided to combine a short hike and enjoy the park with its activities for kids.

Mont Mégantic National Park Parcours du Soleil (Petite-Ourse loop trail)

As a big astronomy fan, I was just waiting to visit Mont Megantic as it is known for its astronomy research, observatory and for the AstroLab museum for families. Megantic and St -Joseph mountains are about 1000 meters high. There is no cable car to go up the mountain and in order to reach the observation area, you will need to climb up the mountain during winter time as the road was not open when we visited in December.