Petit Train du nord

Petit Train du Nord cycling​​​ trail

Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is a multi-use recreational trail along Rivière du Nord from Saint Jérome to Mont-Laurier. The 232km corridor was originally a railway track which was operated by the Candian Pacific Railway from about 1890 to 1990. Today, Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park is used for biking and hiking during summertime and cross-country skiing & snowmobiles (at some parts) during the winter.  The trail is free of charge, offers mechanical bike equipment at designated areas, first aid & mechanical assistance via volunteers along the trail and accessible to beginners. This post describes our bicycle experience from kilometer 0 to kilometer 10 (from Saint Jérome to a bit before Prévost).

Address: we parked at the Saint Jerome km0 parking place (meter parking from Mon-Fri, free on the weekends). The parking is located between rue Melançon and rue Latour.

Region: Laurentians

Drive to Saint Jérome – about 45 mins from Downtown Montreal

Bicyle trail is open during May until the ends of October

Petit Train du Nord

Trail conditions and an interactive map

Petit Train du Nord Guide 2019-2020


The beginning section of the trail is very easy to cycle, mostly flat with gravel and asphalte. The trail is very long and is accessible from any point. Consider the following when cycling with kids: where you park your car and how much effort it is for your kid to do one way and returning the same path. Same with food, if you consider a restaurant or picnic, where to stop and how long it is to reach the place.

We decided to do almost 10km one way, then my husband cycled back to km0 where we parked the car, in order to pick us up (the kids and myself did 10km, husband 20km).

Information about Petit Train du Nord from km0 – Saint Jerome:

Km0 – here we go. The trail in Saint Jerome is a bit industrial, crossing small neighborhoods and less nature.

Parc Linéaire le P'tit Train du Nord km0Parc Linéaire le P'tit Train du Nord km0Parc Linéaire le P'tit Train du Nord Saint JeromeParc Linéaire le P'tit Train du Nord Saint Jerome

We were really impressed to see many volunteers offering bike assistance, first aid along the trail and making sure everyone is doing ok.

Parc Linéaire le P'tit Train du Nord first aid

A map of Saint Jérôme sector and the following sector, Prévost.

Petit Train du Nord map

The trail then continues near the Parc de la Rivière du Nord – French – a park along the river with hiking trails. We did not stop there and continued along the Petit Train du Nord trail.

Parc de la Riviere du NordParc de la Riviere du Nord

The trail is easy to cycle and is very well maintained.

Petit Train du nord

Crossing few tunnels along the path:

Petit Train du nordPetit Train du nord km9

We continued with the car to a very good restaurant along the Petit Train du Nord trail: Shawbridge Restaurant which is also the microbrasserie Charcuteries.

Shawbridge restaurantShawbridge restaurant

I am adding to this post two photos from earlier this summer when we visited Val-David and cycled there (about km40 on the trail) – also worth visiting, the area is truly inside nature.

Petit Train du Nord Val-DavidPetit Train du Nord Val-David km44

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