Parc Safari entry

Parc Safari – animals, waterpark and playgrounds

45 minutes south of Montreal, you will find a safari, aquapark and an amusement park, all in one place. Parc Safari is offering a close encounter with 500 animals and 97 species. Enjoy a family day outing near Montreal watching the animals during a safari drive, while walking on a footbridge, terrace and inside a tunnel. Daily events offer animations and education sessions with the park staff.

Address: 242 Rang Roxham, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, J0J 1V0, QC

Region: Monteregie

Drive: south 45 minutes from downtown Montreal (nearby the US border – NY State)

Opening time: May 17 to October 27, 2019. During the low season – Open on Fridays from 10am to 4pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10am to 5pm. During the high season – Open daily from 10am to 7pm.

Admission fees: Toddler (2-5) $10, Child (6-15) $20, adult (16-64) $27, senior (65+) $20.

Restaurants: Yes, few options

Suitable for a baby stroller. Suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Parc Safari

Parc Safari Highlights:

  • 5km ride at the Safari Adventure
  • Aquaparc
  • The Africa terrace
  • Lion tunnel
  • Olduvai footbridge
  • 5 continents animal farm and the Fallow Deer Trail
  • Playgrounds, including 5 inflatables, maze and giant slides


  • No carrot feeding is allowed
  • You can bring green vegetables from home such as lettuce, cucumber or celery or buy food boxes at the information desk.
  • Worth waiting for the Aquapark to open (during the high season) to fully enjoy your entry fees.

Entry to the park:

Parc Safari entry

Tune-in to the park radio to listen to explanations about the animals in the park.

Parc Safari radio station

Entry fees (2019), don’t forget to ask for the park map and the daily events guide.

Parc Safari entry fees

Shows and events on the day of our visit (we visited the park mid-May during the low season when the waterpark was still closed and there were renovations in some parts of the park).

Parc Safari daily events spring - automn

We started with the safari drive (as this part of the park was closing earlier than the rest of the park). Once you pay the entry fees, drive to the right and you will see the safari adventure path. The Africa terrace offers a high view close to the giraffe enclosure with a panoramic view of the animals around: rhino, elk, zebra and an elephant. Park the car when you see the sign for the African terrace and head for the wooden path to reach it. You can feed the giraffes with green veggies.

Parc Safari Africa terraceParc Safari Africa terrace

We headed back to the car and continued on the safari 5km driving path to watch from close proximity the African fauna roaming around near the vehicles. It was a super fun experience for us all! You can feed the animals; deers, camels, yacks and many more species!

Parc Safari adventureParc Safari adventureParc Safari adventureIMG_0605Parc Safari adventure

Once we completed the safari adventure, we parked the car in the main parking, in front of the gates, see below.

Parc Safari main entrance

The main entrance promenade is offering a few restaurants and a souvenir shop. We grabbed a quick snack and headed to the lion feeding at the lion enclosure. You can watch the feeding from the terrace above, or from the transparent tunnel (it was really impressive).

Parc Safari lion tunnelIMG_0641IMG_0644 2

We then continued on the Olduvai footbridge to watch the wolves, lynx, hyenas, bears and the Japanese Macaques.

Olduvai footbridgeOlduvai footbridge Japanese Macaques

The path continues to the Bird Garden, where we watched a bird show.

Parc Safari Bird ShowIMG_0679

At the 5 Continents’ Animal Farm, we saw many animals from all continents and also a replica of an Inca wall. Circle the farm from the left, to reach the Fallow Deer Trail, where there are 30 European deers roaming around, waiting for the visitors to feed them.

5 Continents' Animal FarmParc Safari Fallow Deer TrailIMG_0685

We left the best for the last…..the playgrounds! A large playground plus 5 different large inflatables and a funfair. During our visit, the giant slides and maze were closed. Our kids refused to leave the park, they had enjoyed tremendously! I look forward to our next visit, hopefully when the AquaPark will be open.

Parc Safari playgroundParc SafariParc Safari inflatablesParc Safari inflatablesParc Safari inflatablesParc Safari MazeParc SafariParc Safari Slides

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