Parc régional de la Chute à Bull

This all-year trail is a super fun walk, about 1.9km return, part of the Parcs Regionaux MRC Matawinie. It is not suitable for very small kids as the trail during wintertime can be very slippery. There are about 90 stairs to reach a small waterfall. During our visit, it was mostly frozen and impressive to watch from close proximity. The trail is well maintained and has clear indications. Interpretive signs along the trail will explain the wood logging history of this region.

Address: Parc régional de la Chute-à-Bull, Rue du Lac Guénard, Saint-Côme, QC

Region: Lanaudière

Drive north about 1h30 from downtown Montreal

Parking: free

Opening time: not specified clearly on the website, under the “Conditions des Sentiers” it was mention that the park is open Saturdays and Sundays (not including holidays).

Park entry fee: adult $7, child (6-17) $3.5, family $16.50

Picnic tables available along the trail

Not suitable for a baby stroller

Parc régional de la Chute-à-Bull

Trail map

The map is available on the Ondago App for downloading, search for “Chute-à-Bull”

Why do we like this trail?

  • Simple & relatively short walk for kids (only 1.9km return)
  • Impressive frozen waterfall from close proximity
  • A nice viewpoint of Saint-Côme area
  • The park is open during winter and summertime
  • Clear indication along the way
  • Walking along a frozen riverbed

The entry of the trail nearby the parking. Toilets are available near this entry. Grab a map and start your hike. (During our visit there was no one to pay the entry fee).


The signs on the trees every few meters were helpful, especially during wintertime & snowshoeing. If you are heading for the waterfall, just follow the very clear signs “Chute” along the way.


Here is the path we took, I hope my indications (arrows) are visible on the map. The starting point is the flower shape on the map nearby the P sign (yellow trail). We walked nearby the riverbed, always on the same side of the riverbed, continued walking past the small wooden bridge (it leads to a different trail – red on the map – towards a viewpoint, which we have not hiked this yet).

Near the “Refuge des draveurs” turn left at the junction towards “Chute Rivière”. The last part of the trail has about 90 stairs downhill towards the waterfall. You can reach the waterfall from the frozen river bed (at your own risk though and weather depending) and there is another viewpoint just a few meters downhill. The way back is indicated clearly “Acceuil” to return to the parking area.


Here we go…..


The small wooden bridge:


“Refuge des draveurs” – turn left at this junction.


Many parts of the trail we were sliding on our bottoms to avoid falling. It was very funny. Note that the stairs can be difficult for kids to descend and climb during wintertime.


The waterfall when standing on the frozen riverbed.


The waterfall from the viewpoint:


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