Marché de Noël de Terrebonne

We had a lovely afternoon visiting the Marché de Noël de Terrebonne. Open from November 29th until December 16th, 2018, the market is located in old Terrebonne. Main attractions are the exhibitors; decorated stalls with various offerings (food, wines, clothing, house decorations and more). There is a main stage with performing artists (check online program). The market is relatively small so you can continue walking along the decorated streets of Old Terrebonne to discover this charming area. Add to your walk a quick visit to Ile-des-Moulins just nearby the market.

Check this post about Ile-des-Moulins for more information.

Address: At the heart of Old Terrebonne, directly on St-Pierre Street (between Ste-Marie and St-André streets)

Region: Lanaudière

Opening time: November 29th until December 16th, 2018 (check hours online)

Free entry

Free parking nearby at the Theatre du Vieux Terrebonne

Marché de Noël de Terrebonne

Location of the market – Map

IMG_7256IMG_7257IMG_7258IMG_7265 2

Tip 1: Nearby the theatre parking, there is a large outdoor playground along the river in Parc Jardins Vitré. Bring your kids’ snow pants and enjoy some quiet time 🙂

Tip 2: We highly recommend exploring Old Terrebonne by walking along Rue Saint François Xavier (between Rue Sainte Marie and Boulevard des Braves) to discover many special restaurants and boutique shops. We discovered Maison Belisle, a small museum about the history of Terrebonne and Quebec.


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